View Full Version : Topper for RV electric sofa bed

11-12-2005, 02:40 PM
Hi, we have just purchased a Class B motor home based on the Freightliner Sprinter chassis. Class B RV's are van conversions; the Sprinter is larger than most previous vans. The bed is a leather electric sofa which we will make into a bed each evening and back to a sofa each morning. When activated, the bottom of the sofa slides forward and the back lays down flat. These match up to side chairs which are filled in to form the complete bed. Attached are pictures of the sofa and how it appears as a bed.

The dimensions when made into a bed are: 68" wide, 75" long.

My questions:
(1) What recommendations or comments do you have for a mattress topper for this application?
(2) We prefer a firmer bed. What are the differences between the various densities of foam (3 lb, 4 lb, etc)?
(3) Will the topper help in smoothing out the ridges formed by the sofa joints?
(4) If we order a larger size topper, can the foam be trimmed to fit?
(5) Any comments, suggestions or reports from other users about mattress topper covers and bed linens for this type of application will be appreciated.