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Thread: wet mattress

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    bonnie kincaid Guest

    Unhappy wet mattress

    Basement flooded. mattress pad got soaked. what can I do?
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    It will not be possible to successfully dry out a wet mattress. The water from a flooded basement will most likely have contaminated the materials. Even if the water had been pure and the intention was to wash the mattress out this will not be possible with a modern mattress. The bottom line is that a wet mattress will have to be disposed of.

    In olden times when mattresses where made of cotton batting and hand tied it may have been possible to thoroughly wash a mattress and successfully dry it out in the sun. But today's mattresses are not designed to be washed or dried. For one thing the profile of the mattress is no longer 3 or 4 inches high but are usually at least 8 inches and often a whopping 15 inches high. There is no way that the materials within these very large high profile mattress will dry out thoroughly.

    Today's mattresses are often made with unnatural polyester batting which does not dry properly once it is deeply wetted. The various foams within mattresses, such as polyurethane and visco elastic foam, are not designed to absorb water.

    Contamination is definitely a problem when a mattress has become wet. Foam and other types of synthetic materials are more likely to grow molds if they become wet than natural materials. But even a very high profile natural mattress will also grow molds and fungus when it is wetted because of the difficulty in thoroughly drying thick layers of component materials.

    Because mattresses can not be properly dried campers use a water proof air mattress to sleep on. An air mattress is not made of bedding materials but is composed of a rubber exterior and blown up with air. It can easily dry out in the sun or in a dry environment. But even a camping mattress will have to be checked for mold.

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