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Thread: Difference Between 8" and 10.5"

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    Default Difference Between 8" and 10.5"

    Can someone tell me how much of a difference there is between the 8" foam matress and the 10.5"? Based on price, there is a big difference but is there in comfort?

    Also, can an existing queen one piece box spring be used as a suitable foundation?

    Thank you in advance.

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    Default 8" vs. 10" is not about comfort.

    In a word, No. On the level of comfort there is not a big difference between an 8 inch memory foam mattress and a 10 inch memory foam mattress. These days everyone wants the highest profile mattress their money can buy, but the truth is that profile doesn’t make a difference in the comfort level of a mattress.

    What makes a difference is the materials used in the mattress. For example a memory foam mattress with a latex base has a much nicer feel to it than a memory foam mattress which uses a polyurethane base foam. Most manufacturers would agree that latex foam is really one of the best foams for orthopedic support and for comfort. Latex gives a very luxurious feel, as well as a very supportive feel. This combined with a memory foam top is one of the most comfortable mattresses available.

    So for example an 8 inch mattress with a latex base will have a much more comfortable feel to it than a 10 inch mattress with a normal polyurethane base foam. So even with a lower profile an 8 inch mattress made of superior materials will be more comfortable than a 10 inch mattress made of basic materials.

    And to further answer your question, you can safely purchase an 8 inch mattress over a 10 inch mattress and get the same comfort level as long as the materials are identical. You will also be able to buy an 8 inch mattress at a much greater savings over a 10 inch mattress.


    PS - as far as using your existing queen box springs, you certainly can, but it is not recommended. [URL="http://forum.absolutecomfortonsale.com/forums/showthread.php?t=30"]See this post for more information.[/URL]
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