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Thread: Mattress pads for a heavy guy?

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    Default Mattress pads for a heavy guy?

    I weight over 250 lbs and understand that a memory foam mattress pad is not recommended for me. If I disregard this advise and decide to buy a mattress topper which type should I choose?

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    Default Memory Foam may not be the best choice for heavy people.

    Yes, you are correct. Memory foam is not engineered for use by those who weigh more than 250 lbs. For those who weight over 250 lbs and want to experience memory foam then the best thing would be to purchase a heavier density memory foam mattress pad such as a 5 lb mattress pad. The heavier denser memory foam will hold up longer. But even so, it will most likely hold the body impression rather than come back to its full height. It would also be better to choose a memory foam topper with a higher profile like a 3 inch or even 4 inch profile.

    Heavy people can use other types of toppers and experience good effects. A 2 inch or 3 inch latex topper would be a good choice. Latex is known for the extra support it offers. A latex topper would provide greater comfort and the additional support a heavier person needs when looking for an ideal sleeping surface. Latex does not have the same cradling, giving qualities of memory foam but those qualities may not be so desirable for a heavier person. A heavy weight person is looking for the weight of the body to be well supported from head to toe and this is the function of latex foam.

    In addition we offer a mattress which has been specially engineered for the heavy weight person. It is actually 2 different custom designed mattresses: The Comfort Max 300 for those who weight from 250 lbs to 300 lbs and the Comfort Max 400 for those who weight from 300 to 400 lbs. This mattress is made of high density Vita Velvatex® domestic or synthetic Latex and with premium VITA Ultra Cell High Resiliency Foam as a very durable base foam. We developed this mattress especially for those who wanted a memory foam mattress but were too heavy. Our customers report that their Comfort Max bed provides the comfort and support level they were looking for in a mattress. Please have a look at our [URL="http://www.absolutecomfortonsale.com/mcm3-specialty-mattress-bed.htm"]Comfort Max 300[/URL] and [URL="http://www.absolutecomfortonsale.com/mcm4-specialty-bedding-mattress.htm"]Comfort Max 400[/URL].

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