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Thread: Contour Memory Foam Pillow?

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    Default Contour Memory Foam Pillow?

    What is a contour pillow and how does it work?

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    Default Contoured shaped pillows - lots of choices

    We have a large selection of memory foam and latex pillows.

    Several of our memory foam pillows have the contoured shape. The contour pillow has become very popular because of the comfort it offers and versatility. It is a pillow with a flat bottom and a top with two contours with a crook in the middle. One contour is higher than the other. The higher contour is about 4.5 inches high and the lower contour is about 3 inches high. This pillow can be used by stomach sleepers, back sleepers and side sleepers.

    Stomach sleepers put their head on the flat side and arms around the underside in the crook. Back sleepers can use the contour pillow two ways with the flat side down, either with the head on the lower end of the crook for those who like a lower profile pillow, or with the head on the higher end for those who like a higher profile pillow. And the side sleepers can use the contour pillow in the same way: with the pillow flat side down and the head in the crook either on the lower end or the higher end. It is this versatility that has made the contour shaped pillow so popular.

    In addition it is the cradling effect of memory foam that has propelled this pillow into the spot light. Memory foam responds to the body’s temperature and gently conforms to its shape. As you move from position to position the memory foam pillow moves with you supporting as it goes. This is why many people with neck or upper back problems use a memory foam contour pillow. Please see our [URL="http://www.absolutecomfortonsale.com/orthopedicfoampillow.htm"]memory foam contour pillow[/URL] for more information.
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